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About The Kuppa

AGudath Israel Chesed Fund


Agudath Israel Chesed Fund (AICF) is a non-profit entity, officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. government for the purpose of helping needy families in Israel.  AICF, established and directed by two former Americans, makes it its business to seek out and assist unfortunate and needy individuals and families who have been overlooked by other charitable organizations.  On a completely voluntary basis, several hours a day are spent helping poor families in the back streets of Jerusalem and throughout the land of Israel.  In the course of a year, our caseload consists of over 2,000 families, and our budget approaches $3.5 million annually.


A  AICF distributes food coupons for chicken, fruits and vegetables that are redeemable at stores with which we have a prior arrangement.

A  AICF arranges and pays for exceptional and unusual medical or dental procedures that are not covered by National Health Insurance.  Some of these procedures can generate bills of several thousand dollars.

A  AICF arranges and pay for in-home domestic care and therapy, as well as for post-natal, post-hospital mother and child convalescent care.

A  AICF repairs and renovates dilapidated, damp apartments that are not fit for human habitation.  Often, as many as 8 or 10 people are cramped into one dingy room!  We install modern plumbing (indoor toilets and hot running water), and we heat freezing homes during the cold winter months.

A  AICF pays for 8 to 10 new refrigerators and washing machines every month.


Every needy Jew, without regard to his ethnic origins and affiliations, is a candidate for our services.   Our list includes Russian and Ethiopian immigrants, Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews, converts and recent returnees to Judaism, single parent households, and a host of other down-and-outers.  Although we are centered in Jerusalem, we travel all across the country to help need Jews wherever they may be. Articles describing our work can be viewed at:


We have no administrative expenses whatsoever, so every tax-deductible dollar we receive goes entirely towards aiding poor, indigent families.  However, recent reductions in Israeli government subsidies for staple foods and transportation have caused a severe strain on our budget.  The more underprivileged families we discover, the greater is our determination to help them.  However, we are limited by the funds at our disposal.  The more we raise, the more we do.  The recent world economic crisis has severely hampered our fundraising capabilities.  We appeal to you to do whatever you can to seriously consider AICF in your distribution.




 Dovid L. Cohen                                                 Chaim  Goldberg